Mohammed Riaz, 63, Not Guilty of Human Slavery Charges at Burnley Crown Court

Mohammed Riaz, 63, of Manchester Road, Nelson, acquitted of human slavery charges after 2 years at Burnley Crown Court and has spoken of his two years of hell he has gone through.

Mohammed Riaz always denied the allegations relating to a Polish couple who he said were living in a shed to the rear of his house against his wishes.

He was accused of country’s first-ever modern slavery orders in September 2015 in relation to three Polish nationals, two men and a woman, alleged to have been living in back side of his house for which Mohammed Riaz and his son Khuram Riaz were put on trial over this matter in January where the jury failed to reach a verdict and were discharged.

Mohammed Riaz told media that those polish people were living at our residence against our wishes and there was neverany help offered to us to remove them.

He added, “I have always been someone who has tried to help people less fortunate or in need, regardless of race or religion, they were sleeping rough on park benches when they came to me and I tried to help them. I never asked them to stay or asked or wanted them to do any work for me. But my good nature and good deeds punished me.”

Mohammaed Riaz told how this matter bring shame and unnecessary stress to hims and his family after he was called Slaver.

Mohammaed Riaz said, “I won’t stop doing good deeds but I would encourage people to think twice before offering their help to others because it could end up in court.”

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