Mobile Phone friendship, leads to rape of girl in Mirpur

Last day a news was published about a girl raped by 5 men in Mirpur, real story reveals that girl lived in a hostel in Mirpur and fall in love with a boy on phone.

Boy groomed the girls on phone calls, and agreed her to meet up. They finally decided to meet. They booked a Rickshaw and went to Mangla Dam (Old Mirpur). There they asked driver to leave them alone in his rickshaw and requested him step out.

They young lovers started “making out Love” on back seat of Rickshaw and on other hand rickshaw driver took advantage of the situation and called his 3 friends on them.

Lover left girls alone who later raped by Rickshaw drivers gang

Lover left girls alone who later raped by Rickshaw drivers gang

Friends of Rickshaw driver arrived caught them naked, and started investigation after introducing themselves as police. Lover boy ran away and never looked back, in the situation where girl need her badly. Rickshaw driver along with his friends, raped girl repeatedly until she gone unconscious. After she become conscious they left her back in her hostel.

After that Rickshaw driver and his friends called on Lover who Escaped from spot and left the girl alone among Animals, and started blackmail him, they demanded both love birds for 20 thousands rupees or else they will make this story viral.

Later on girl informed her family about situation who came in Mirpur and reported case in Police. Police arrested Boy along with Rickshaw driver and his friends and put them behind bars.

This case is the lesson for all others girls, who fall in love without knowing the boys and lost every thing with them and at the end bring shame to their families.