Moazzam Tariq, 29, fled to Pakistan, after Raping a Woman in Ontario Canada

Moazzam Tariq pouring vodka down in throat of Victim,

Moazzam Tariq pouring vodka down in throat of Victim,

Moazzam Tariq, 31, son of Mohmood Tariq, a permanent resident of Canada, raped a woman after pouring vodka in her throat, took her to hotel room while she was heavily drunk, raped her and left the room, before she awoke in morning. After getting $10,000 bail on behalf of his father Mohmood Tariq, he fled to Pakistani to avoid sentence.

While he is on run, in his absence he has been sentenced to 2 years and 9 months in jail by Ontario Court. If he is found and returned to Canada, that would be dealt with separately, court has heard.

According to details, on July 18, 2015, a young woman is who celebrating a birthday with friends at the club Lost and Found, located near King and Bathurst streets. She went out to the nearby Everleigh, where she meets Moazzam Tariq, with in a short period of time, Moazzam Tariq took advantage of drunk girl, he started pouring vodka down her throat twice, slapped her on the buttock and showed his ongoing disrespect for the woman.

Moazzam Tariq at hotel reception with victim girl

Moazzam Tariq at hotel reception with victim girl

While woman got heavily drunk and was unable to walk with out support, Moazzam Tariq took her to a hotel and booked a room, with his fake signature and took her in to room. Vitim woman has no memory of what happened that night only a quick flash where she recalls, Moazzam Tariq on top of her on a few occasions.

When she woke up in morning, Moazzam Tariq had left the room before she woke, and the victim did not even knew where she is and how did she came here and with whom. When she realized where she is, she felt violated, like someone penetrated her. She went to police and reported them.

After medical examination it was found that Moazzam Tariq did not used even Protection and placing her at more risk.

Moazzam Tariq was arrested, on July 20, 2015 and charged with one count of sexual assault. He has pleaded not guilty. He was released on $10,000 bail, with his father was acting as his surety. He was required to surrender his Pakistani passport to the police — but he gave them an expired passport that had been forged to look current.

On Nov, 18 rapist fled to Pakistani using a second passport.

The victim girl said:

I stopped going to clubs. I stopped drinking. I stopped hanging out with my friends. I stopped going out. I pulled back from my family. I stopped being myself.

The authorities said case must be proceed to allow the victim to move forward with her life.

In 2010, Moazzam Tariq was charged with dangerous driving at Peel Region, and fled to Pakistan to avoid sentence, but was arrested after he returned to Canada. But sadly this information was not recorded in Police Database. Toronto police and the Crown said if they would have know the history, Tariq would have been in custody immediately upon his conviction.

The immigration authorities said, No body is checked of their warrants, charges, convictions while leaving soil of Canada by Airbus until he/she is not sentenced. Their criminal record is not on recorded in computer until they are sentenced.

This is how Moazzam Tariq managed to escaped the sentence.

Original News/Images Source: City News | The Star