MirPur’s lone park, View Point, home to drug addicts rather than tourists and Visitors

MirPur (crime report). MirPur’s only park has become a victim to carelessness and negligence. Drug Deals and addicts alike can be found commonly in the public park. The Water from the once full water fall has dried out, and in it grow unwanted weeds and bushes. The canteen remains closed, and workers assigned to keep the park clean are nowhere to be seen.

The singular public park in MirPur, ViewPoint, located in the heart of the city, also being the most beautiful area, has become victim to neglectfulness. Emphasis on cleanliness has never been a major concern. Public workers assigned this task of security and cleanliness are not seen anywhere, however drug dealers and addicts are present. The public park is notorious in housing the wrong sort of people.

Municipal Corporation has almost 3500 workers, who are given a monthly salary, altogether making a large sum. However, from these 3500 workers, not even 10 can be spared to look after and maintain the park.

The public park is a humble abode to unwanted bushes, uncut grass, the running track acts as an agricultural land for growing drugs. The waterfall runs dry, and canteen has been closed off. No source of clean drinking water is present. This is the reason why families and visitors of the park have stopped going there, and the park is famous for housing dealers and addicts.