Mirpur, Shoes with Pakistan’s Name Printed on the Sole for Sale in Market

Shoe making company made a horrible mistake by printing Pakistan’s name, and then selling them in the market.

There has been a serious protest against such shoemaking companies, that are selling shoes with Pakistans name on them.

According to report, the market is filled with shoes that have Pakistan’s name printed on their sole.

People have boycotted the companies, and stopped buying shoes from those shops which are selling them.

These Pathan’s along with other non-state residents are the ones who are selling shoes with Pakistan’s name printed on the sole of the shoe.

The locals have started protesting, and the social society are planning to take them down.

The locals claim that these actions are being committed because the district government is not doing their job properly.

Their approval for such people to sell their products are hurting Mirpur’s name and local capital.

They want the sellers to be restricted and arrested.

Azad Kashmir, has asked Chief Secretary to take notice of the matter, and plan an action against such companies.

They also want to make an example out of such companies, so no-one commits such an act of disrespect again.