Mirpur Police Arrest a Newly Married Couple without any reason

Muhammad Akram s/o Mithan Khan resident of Vehari who married to Najma Kausar of Sector F-1 on 10 May 2014, police arrest them in locked them up in Police Station without any reason.

Muhammad Akram told media that he lives in F-3 near Radio Station with his newly wed wife, last they were in their home sitting with their cousin Naila who came form Jhelum that Thotal police raid at their home.

Thothal Police raid without any warrant and arrest Muhammad Akran his wife and cousin and in police station police forced them to accept illegal activities.

Affected people demanded SSP Police Irfan Saleem to take action against Thothal police.

M Akram his wife Najma and Cousin Naila

M Akram his wife Najma and Cousin Naila