Mirpur, pharmacies are selling expired and fake medicines

Due to the incompetence of a drug inspector the people of Mirpur are consuming fake and expired medication.

Sangoot trade union, and Mirpur gas association’s chairman Shezad Haqsar said, the incompetent drug officer was not able to do his job, due to which the people of Mirpur are facing issues yet again.

Ironically people are falling ill after taking the medicines, the locals are already surrounded by conmen and now the pharmacy is robbing the people of Mirpur.

The fake and expired medication is just making matters worse, as people are not fighting unknown diseases.

The district headquarter Hospital staff along with drug inspectors are backing up these medical stores by writing down long lists of prescriptions the patient does not need.

After taking these medicines the patients are developing unknown diseases, that cannot be cured.

Shezad Haqsar added, that till this day no action has been taken against these criminals, and this needs to stop of they will stand as barriers in the way, and protest.

The health minister should take action against these criminals, and stop them in their track. They should also take away the licence of such personal, and should help the local people of Mirpur.