Mirpur Kotli Road, Hamidabad colony Chowk Chaksawari home to accidents nearly every day!

Hamidabad Colony Chowk has a rich bloody history associated with it. So many road accidents take place on this road nearly every other day. Yet the Traffic Regulation and Department of construction of roads take no notice of this and do nothing to rectify this.

Since the day road has been constructed there has been thousands of fatal road accidents there. This road connects the different districts of Azad Kashmir and so traffic normally has quite a fast pace. That is the root cause of all the accidents that occur on Mirpur Kotli Road, Hamidabad Colony Chowk. Department of Roads and Construction has put no signs on the road stating acceptable speed limit. As a result most vehicles over speed and come to their sorry end.

The locals of the area request Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, whose home town is this area-Chaksawari, to reconstruct Hamidabad Colony chowk. This is to ensure that in future lives are not lost due to accidents. This is a grave situation and needs immediate attention.