Mirpur, Fast speed Motorcyclist lost control and injured 3

Fast speed motorcyclist crashes, three injured and hospitalized

A motorcyclist was going in fast speed and injured an old man by bumping right into him, he was critically injured. The locals took him to DHQ, where the doctors are doing their best.

Injured Shehirary Mirza, son of Syed Mirza, resident of Chitar Pari, was critically injured in the accident.

The accident took place right in front of MUST university, where the motorcyclist lost control of his bike and bumped right into a pedestrian.

The motorcyclist broke his nose, as he lost control of the bike and it flipped.

The two riders Ibrar and Shehriyar were injured, and were also taken to DHQ hospital.

The three of them are still hospitalized and under surveillance.