Mirpur District Predictive Election Results 2016

(LA-1 Mirpur – I) LA-01 DADYAL Predictive Results 2016 Elections

In 2011 Elections Muhammad Afsar Shahid of PPP won by 14112 votes. In 2016 Elections PMLN awarded ticket to Ch Masood Kahlid Advocate and PTI awarded Ticked to Azhar Sadiq who is Nephew of Ex Minister AJK Ch Yousaf, Ch Yousaf won 5 times elections from Dadyal. Due to Political issues Ch Yousaf boycott PMLN and Joined PTI. So there will Tough time between Azhar Sadiq PTI VS Ch Masood Kahlid PMLN. While due to negligence of PPP Government Muhammad Afsar Shahid seems out of elections.

Predicted Winner from LA-01 DADYAL is Azhar Sadiq of PTI

LA-01 DADYAL Election Results 2011 LA-01 DADYAL Election Results 2016

(LA-2 Mirpur – II) LA-02 CHAKSWARI Predictive Results 2016 Elections

Ch Abdul Majeed of Jatt Biradari Won 6 times from this constituency. As mostly Jatt Biradari and Bains Biradari resides i Chakswari. Bains Biradari votes are divided every time. But this time PMLN issued Ticket to Nazir Inqalbai a nominated candidate by Bains Biradari. While on other side this time Ch Majeed got and opponent of Jaat Birdari Zafar Anwar PTI Candidate. So this time Jatt Biradari Vote will be divided and Nazir Inqalbai of PMLN have chanced to win. In Past when Bains Biradar supported Captain Sarfraz (Late) he won the election.

Predicted Winner from LA-02 Chakswari is Nazir Inqalbai of PMLN

LA-02 CHAKSWARI Election Results 2011 LA-02 CHAKSWARI Election Results 2016

(LA-3 Mirpur – III) LA-03 Mirpur City Predictive Results 2016 Elections

PTI president Barrister Sultan Mehmood Ch Won 7 times consecutively from Mirpur. In Mirpur their are too many opponents of Barrister but they are not United. Ch Ashraf PPP Candidate has boycott elections due to leg pulling of party president Ch Abdul Majeed, two days ago. While Ch Saeed nominated candidate of PMLN is contesting election first time. So Ch Ashraf supporters are expected to support now Barrister Sultan.

Predicted Winner from LA-03 Mirpur is Barrister Sultan Mehmood Ch of PTI

LA-03 MIRPUR CITY Election Results 2011 LA-03 MIRPUR CITY Election Results 2016

(LA-4 Mirpur – IV) LA-04 Khari Sharif Predictive Results 2016 Elections

Ch Rukhsar Gujjar nominated candidate of PMLN and Ch Arshad Mehmood Jatt nominated candidate of PTI will have tough time. Ch Arshad Cousin of Barrister Sultan Mehmood Won in 2011. While wife of Ch Rukhsar (Aveena Rukhsar) lost election by 1000 voters margin as Independent candidate. This time Ch Rukhsar has PMLN Support along with his own Birdari Support. Ch Arshad can only win by influence of Barrister Sultan Mehmood Ch.

Predicted Winner from LA-04 Khari Sharif is Ch Rukhsar of PMLN

LA-04 KHARI SHARIF Election Results 2011 LA-04 KHARI SHARIF Election Results 2016