Mirpur, Cricket Ground Turned into a Battlefield; Dozens Injured

Mirpur, two groups were playing in the field when they started to ague on something, the argument took a deep turn and there was firing and bricks thrown around. A lot of them were injured during the fight, and a sense of fear surrounded the area.

Shopkeepers in the area decided to close shops early that day. After the incident AGGC showed up with his team.

Police station Thothal, City Police Station, and New City Police Station’s gathered.

During the fight they did not even spare the ambulance that was taking the ones injured to a hospital nearby. They smashed the windows of the ambulance.

The traffic road Jatlanbad was blocked, police and other officials were unable to get the groups on normal terms.

According to details, during the fight dozens were injured, in them were Majid, Zeeshan, Javaid, Farooq, and Administrator Town Committee Ejaz Beig, along with others were involved.

On getting the news ADCG, DSP City Raja Azhar Iqbal, Police Station City, Police Station New City, and Police Station Tothal police officers reached the crime scene.

Both the groups started playing the blame game, according to last update there were still disagreeing with each other.