Mirpur city plagued with gas shortage in winter

Locals besieged with gas shortages in city of Mirpur and forced to resort to eating out. People vow to take their anger out in elections in 2016.

The locals have threatened to go in a strike if they are not soon provided with gas. These harassed souls humbly request higher authorities to take notice of this dire situation and respond accordingly.

Past 6 months these residents of Mirpur had been facing electricity shortages. Now that winter season started gar shortage followed. It has been more than two months since gas shortages started and yet no solution has been provided. The people have lost faith in empty promises that political leaders make just before elections. They have decided to now vote against them to make them realize how remiss have they been in their duties.

The residents of Mirpur have more than once showed their dedication and love for their country. They abandoned their homes and properties when Mangla dam was to be constructed and moved to new areas without fuss. They deserve to be given proper facilities that they monthly pay for. After all this not stone age that one should rely on sticks and wood to burn fire.