Minister Hussain Sargala fires Kashmiris!

Minister Development Muhammad Hussain Sargala is enjoying his last few days in office. Despite that, he is still working very actively in his office conducting routine work and some more.

Recently he has fired a clerk form Sialkot to replace one from Mirpur on 6 January 2016. This was Muhammad Afzal son of Abdul Hakeem from Shakargarh. According to order number 5566-73/2016 he was hired as a clerk in Development Department. Former to this one from Mandi Bhauddin and Gujrat had been hired. Does Sargla have some issue with Azad Kahsmiris?

Why is Sargala preferring to hire people from other provinces rather than giving priority to the locals there? People should not have to travel thousands of miles from home to seek a jobs and careers. They should be given opportunities in their home districts. The numerous private and government universities, colleges and schools across Azad Kashmir has ensured that Kashmiris are as capable as the next applicant from a big city. So unless the new employees have some hidden virtue previously unknown to mankind, Sargala should not overlook the Kashmiris.