Million of Dollars worth Equipment stolen from Paramedical Institute, DHO trying to Cover it up by advertising for Auction

It has been discovered that millions of Dollars worth equipment of Paramedical Institute, is being stolen and sold. Former Storekeeper Khudadad Khan has been involved in the act. The storekeeper was transferred but he has not given charge to the new storekeeper till date. To hide the theft an Auction has been staged under the supervision of DHO. Auction has been announced on 20th October, but no list for the equipment to be auctioned is given in the advertisement.

According to details, from the Paramedical Institute furniture, machinery and other precious equipment worth millions of rupees has been stolen and sold with the involvement of former storekeeper Khudadad Khan.

According to sources, the former storekeeper was transferred from the Paramedical Institute several months ago but even after 6 months he did not gave charge to the new store keeper due to which the stealing of the equipment continued. Now steps are taken under the supervision of DHO Mirpur to hide this theft under the guise of auction. For this purpose the Principal of Paramedical Institute Dr Irum Batool has given the Incomplete Advertisement for Auction, in which it is advertised to auction equipment from the store without any detail list of the equipment to be auctioned.

Sources claim that on 20th October some of the goods in store will be auctioned and alongside the stolen goods will also be mentioned in papers and the bill will be cleared by the higher authorities. The possibility of involvement of several other officers of the Health Department is also possible, who are afraid of Investigations.

Public has shown serious concerns on inaction of higher authorities on the theft of precious good and have demanded to continue not taking notice of the situation because in their opinion there is nothing left to take notice of when all levels of Government officers are involved in corruption. There is nothing left to do except for expressing concern.