Middle school student passes away! Who to blame?

Dehydration? Food poisoning? Pneumonia? Underlying undiagnosed condition? What was the reason behind Sonia’s sudden death? The blame game hot as the school try to keep scandal at bay!

On 28th January 2016 seventh grader of Government Higher Secondary School,Sonia Dakhtar Muhammad Yousaf from Sogarah suddenly fell ill halfway between lecture. The teacher did not pay any heed to her deteriorating condition and went on with the lesson.

Once she started to throw up and faint, the school management released the severity of her condition and gave her first aid. She was rushed to the hospital but died enroute. The school management is trying to absolve themselves of all blame by stating that she was suffering from pneumonia while the family insists that their daughter was well and healthy.

The talking to the deceased friends we learn that Sonia started to throw up after eating school canteen somosa. For two hours she was in excruciating pain but the school didn’t take any notice. If Sonia had received first aid timely she still might be among us.

The local and government authorities need to take notice of despicable management at this school. Their mismanagement and uncaring attitude robbed a young girl of her life.