Members of Kashmir Council spent the budget on their respective districts, ignoring the rest

Mirpur: Six members of Azad Kashmir Council spent the 80 crore rupees budget of last four years, on their own respective districts, ignoring the rest. Three members belong to District Kotli, in which Sardar Naeem belongs to PML (N), Ch. M. Khan to Muslim Conference and Ch. Mehboob belongs to PPP. Three of them spent the budget only in Kotli. Sardar Saghir spent the budget in Rawalakot, Rafaqat Awan in Muzafarabad and Raja Baber Ali in Bhimber.

According to Kashmir Council’s annual budget, Raja Baber was given around 75 schemes of 4 crore rupees, which he spent in some areas of Bhimber. He belongs to PPP and mostly stays out of country and does not even attend any meetings but his schemes have started. Same is the case with Ch. M Khan of PPP; he has got 24 schemes and also spent them only in his own district Kotli. Sardar M. Naeem spent around 30 schemes out of 37 only in Fatehpur Thakyala.
Ch. Mehboob of PPP spent around 35 schemes only in Kotli. Prime Minister, Ch. Abdul Majeed, was also given four and a half crore rupees schemes but he also spent them only in his own district Chakswari. All other districts are ignored and no one is there to do anything about it.