MDA should implement complete ban on Allotment of New Plots : Demand

The Central Vice President of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Ch Shaukat Ali Advocate Liberation Front demanded a complete ban on allotment of new plots. He said the Developmental department Mirpur has become the center of hoardings, People have made it a step to reach the Power Stature and because of this the people of Mirpur are hounded by problems.

The Old sectors of the city are abandoned nd have not been repopulated, there the roads have vanished and there is no availability of electricity or sewage and public has been webbed into multiple cases by their own authorities. Political recruitment have broken the infrastructure of the department, Tax is implemented, Electricity Rates Increased, Basic Necessities have grown out of the reach of Lay Man, But the leaders are only obsessed in saving their chairs and their authorities. Ch Shaukat said that Mirpur is that district which has been robbed from both inside and outside and a main role in its degradation is played by using the Developmental Department which is now on its last breath.

The Employees are using different methods to earn their money. Dg Tariq Mehmood of Developmental department has been relieved of duty and the New Chairman has not been appointed yet. He said that nothing is a secret from public in our city, people often ask that why the Minister Development is here from an in consequent period? And why the political files are cleared and notified whereas other legit cases are not given a chance. This is the fate for the residents of Mirpur.