MD Rose Valley Housing Scheme, Bhimber, Zafar Butt, attacked a 60 Year Old Man

Bhimber – The MD Rose Valley Housing Scheme Bhimber, Zafar Butt, attacked and aged 60- Year Old man. He deliberately slapped, pushed and abused the women of that man.

The resident of the nearby new settlement, Gurha Din, Ch Noor Hussain told the journalists that Zafar Butt attacked him, slapped and abused him and became ‘Gullu Butt’. He abused my daughters. Our only mistake was that we were protesting against the Rose Valley Bridge, which was obstructing the flow of rain Drain of Bhimber due to which the rain and flood water from the blocked drain was entering our homes and village resulting in loss of possessions worth millions of Rupees.

Protest is our right But Zafar Butt is forcing us and instead of paying for our losses, he is bullying us. I have given the application to the police reporting both the incidents. If any untoward occurrence happens to then The Director of Rose Valley will be responsible of it.