Match fixing between government and opposition, entry in Assembly banned.

Mirpur: Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry said that he is aware of the politics between government and opposition party. He will take care of it and will ban their entry in the assembly. He said that PTI should get prepared to make changes and take over. He said that India needs to settle the Kashmir issue with Pakistan and hand it over to Pakistan and if not, India would have to face the consequences. Kashmir should get free as Kashmiri’s are ready to make it possible.

He also criticized Narendar Modi and said that Kashmiri’s would take action against him wherever he goes.
There is going to be a march in New York on Oct 25 in which they will unveil the real and dirty face of India in front of the whole world. He also said that it is unfortunate for Kashmir to be under India’s government. He expects that PTI will do something good for the betterment and freedom of Kashmir and knock the Shareef brothers out of the game.