Married Woman, Gang Raped, Filmed And Blackmailed For Months in Bhimber AJK

A Married Woman who was gang raped by 3 men in Bhimber Azad Kashmir, gang who filmed the act and blackmailed the woman for money, held a press conference at Pind-Dadan Khan Press Club, Jhelum and seeking justice.

Gang Rape Victim with her Children

Gang Rape Victim with her Children

According to Gang Rape Victim, 2 years ago she was traveling on motorcycle with her Nephew, in Bhimber when 3 men armed with guns stopped them and kidnapped her to near by jungle on gun point and raped her. They also filmed the heinous act.

Gang Rape victim identifies rapist as Haroon Rasheed, Shakeel Shafi and another unknown man. Who threaten her to keep silence or else they would upload the video on internet social media.

Victim woman kept silence and asked her nephew too to keep this as secret. But later it revealed to victim woman that her nephew is also their victim in same offence and was blackmailed by them to bring his aunt to them.

After few days of rape, woman received a call and rapist demanded money, which was fulfilled by woman. Since then they kept raping her and demanded money form her. Later they called the woman and raped her again. This thing continued until woman lost all the money she had.

To fulfill demands of rapists, the poor woman lend money from her relatives without knowledge of her husband Abdullah. When her husband came to know about the money she lend from her father, sister and other relatives, he inquired about it. It was then, when woman disclosed the matter to her husband and told him truth, about being raped and about 2,500,000/ Rupees (25 Lack Rupees) she gave to them.

Gang rape victim told media that, she and her husband approached local police station for justice, but found the justice system totally opposite there. Instead of filing case, police started investigating the couple, woman told, one inspector of police took her to a separate room and investigate her for several hours and threaten her to stop this case here, as she will not get any thing from filing this case. But woman insisted on justice and to report the case.

She was sent to hospital for medical test, who took 22,000/Rs for her medical and did not produced the medical report yet.

Woman told that the rapist gang is linked to political party and is supported by a senior politician.

Later police called the woman and told her they are sending her case to Local Jirga in village who will decide her fate, in local “Panjiyat”, which continued for about 20 days, they came to the decision that, woman was raped and blackmailed for money.

The accused rapists, admitted in Panjiyat to take money from woman, but said it was 6 lack rupees instead of 25 lack rupees and agreed to return her back. But the victim has not received any amount yet.

Woman told, police registered FIR but the case they registered was so poor that rapists spare jailed.

Woman has left her home from Bhimber and shifted in Mirpur, but still the rapists call her and threaten her to kill her family.

Woman told that her father has died because of this case, her husband becomes sick, children as not going to school and they have nothing to eat at their home.

She appealed Chief Justice of Pakistan, Prime Minster of Pakistan, Woman Wings and NGOs to provide her justice, or else she will commit suicide in front of Prime Minister House as a protest.

News & Picture Source: Jhelum Updates