Marriage Breakdowns between 2 Families took Life of Sarfraz Khan, 35, in Bradford

Tariq Mahmood, 26 and his brothers, Amjid Ali, 39, Sajid Hussain, 33, Mohammed Ali Nasar, 32, Amir Ali, 19, residents of Cecil Avenue, Great Horton had a fight with Aftab Khan, Asad Khan, Idris Khan, Basharat Khan, Tahir Khan and Sarfraz Khan,35, resulting death of Sarfraz Khan.

The feud came to a head on the night of April 14 last year following a row over a mop and bucket at Rossi’s Ices. Marriage breakdowns in the extended family caused fall-outs.

Tariq Mahmood said he had intervened in a fight between his brother Mohammed Ali Nasar and and cousin Idris Khan at the front of the street about 20 minutes before the big fight began. The fight between Mohammed Ali Nasar and Idris Khan end up in death of Sarfraz Khan.

Tariq Mahmood told, I went to see my brother where, he was set upon by Aftab Khan, Asad Khan, Basharat Khan, and Tahir Khan.

Basharat Khan shouted: “Come on you fat pig, now you’re going to get it”, and Aftab Khan shouted “Why did you jump Iddi? If you want to fight, let’s fight.”

The fight started, no body knew who is hitting whom, Tariq Mahmood, i was punched with a force and for a while I lost sight, when i regained sight, i saw a knife near by me, thinking that knives are being use in fight, i picked it to protect myself. Then i heard, Aftab Khan shouting at my sister Zainab, “I’m going to kill you” and then he attacked on her punched her and she fell down, and Aftab Khan bent down to continue the attack, It was then i stabbed him in his back to protect my Sister Zainb”.

Chilli powder was thrown at each other during the fight. Tariq Mahmood said, he even did not knew that his cousin Sarfraz Khan was present in the fight and he was stabbed to death by whom.

The trial continues…

Original News Source: T&A