Mangla Dam Takes Away Three Lives From The Same House

Jahanzaib, Ehtsham and Arbas who died in Mangla Dam

3 brothers Jahanzaib, Ehtsham and Arbas who died in Mangla Dam

Mangla Dam has taken away three lives from the same house. As in a tragic accident three brothers passes away today. There is no doubt that the pressure cannot be fought, and once you are in it is hard to get out.

Nasir Mehmood, from Sector C-3 Fazal Chowk, Mirpur lost three sons today. His sons Jahanzaib 19, Ihtesham 18, and Arbass aged 14 were out on a picnic near mangla dam to have fun on their day off with their sisters, mothers and some guest from Lahore. They could not even imagine this would be their last day. The youngest Arbass slipped and fell into mangla dam flowing water.

His brothers Jahanzaib and Ihtesham jumped in hope of saving him, and lost their lives in the process. The could not fight the flowing water current and soon drowned.

Jahanzaib’s and Ihtesham’s bodies were found and taken to DHQ Mirpur Hospital for autopsy. The search and rescue team is still looking for Arbass.

This news brought a cloud of sadness over the family and friends. They are all mourning in disbelief. The entire community is left in shock, and a sense of sadness has taken over.

Their mother passes out when she heard that she has lost her sons in one day. She could not take the news and collapsed. This is a great loss, and there is nothing anyone can do besides keeping the family in their prayers.

Nasir Mehmood father of 3 young boys works as Agent for Passports and settled in Mirpur from last 20 years.