Mangla Dam Affected people will be Relief in the Next Few Weeks: DG

The Pm Azad Kashmir is fighting for the issues of Affected People, the Federal Government and the PM of All Responsible Government is using all his authorities and struggles to protect the rights of the Affected People. Progress will be made on issues like Early Availability of Sui Gas, the Establishment and Settlements of Families, Girls College and all other Big Issues, in the coming next few weeks.

These views were expressed by Director General New City Development Authority Ch Zulfiqar Azam while talking to a delegation including Representatives of Committees, i.e, Mangla Dam Extension Committee and Mangla Dam Action Committee.

The Delegation included Chairman Extension Link Committee Raja Mohammad Azam Khan, Supervisor Action Committee Mirza Abdul Bashir Jarral, President Action Committee Mirza Ashiq Hussain, Secretary General Extension Committee Sardar Rasheed Jamal, Secretary General Action Committee Mohammad Farooq Chaudhary, Raja Abdur Rehman, Contractor Mohammad Gulzar Raja, Raja Haq Nawaz Khan, Mirza Zafar Iqbal, Mohammad Idrees Qureshi, Raja Mohammad Saleem Khan, Rja Mohammad Zaman, Haji Mohammad Saghir, Ch Mohammad Latif and others.

Prior to this, the Representatives briefed the DG New City Development Authority about the problems faced by the Affected People of Mangla Dam in detail. They said that the PM Azad Kashmir Ch Abdul Majeed on August 2011 while evacuating the people promised to provide complete 1210 homes to the people along with an irresistible package which has not been fulfilled even after 3 years. The supply of Sui Gas to the New City , Settlement of Families, Establishment of Girls College in New City, Up gradation of Middle girls and Boys School respectively, Appointment of Science Teachers in Girls and Boys High School, Appointment and Availability of staff in New City Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Teaching hospital, Construction of New City Graveyard, relief in Water and Electricity , Clear Permission and Action on 123 Cases Immediately, Buffalo colony Construction, Establishment of Stadium in New City, Construction of sanitary Drains, Allotment of Shops of Affected in 1210, use of tough tiles to protect the Roads, Job Opportunities for educated children of the Affected, the construction of sewage of 25 families of New City Sector B Road16/17, House no 257 for Land sliding affected People and construction of Supporting walls to protect House no 233/232 Sector B Road16/17 from Land sliding.

The Representatives said that due to unfullfilment of promises by the Government from 3 years, the Affected people are becoming restless and the situation is taking a turn for the worse with each passing day. The evacuation due to Mangla Dam extension has resulted in record Economical Instability and the government is taking no positive step for the relief of common man and it should give the affected relief from Unemployment, Inflation.

Director General Ch Zulfiqar Azam ensured the Representative of Affeced that due to the threats faced by the country on both external and internal fronts some major issues have not been addressed properly. As soon as the Central conditions improve the problems will be solved with complete honesty and vigor. We will live within and with the People and will do everything in our Power. At this point the Representatives their gratitude if the Pm Azad Kashmir is informed of the problems as well as the insecurities faced by the Affected people and play your role in solving the problems more efficiently.