Man who Booked a Girl for Night Arrested along with Rickshaw Driver in Mirpur

Imran resident of Chak Haryaam Booke a girl from Staff Colony, Mirpur got arrested by police while traveling to Islamgarh in Rikshaw.

Imran and Girl (S) in police custody

Imran and Girl (S) in police custody

Imran and the girls named (S) who was hired on money for a night to spend in Islamgarh, they book a Rikshaw from Mirpur to Islamgarh in 1000/- Rupees. When they reached at Khaliqabad check post, police stopped them and upon inquiry Imran told police that he is going to Islamgarh along with his wife.

When police checked their ID Cards it was revealed that they are not Husband and Wife. Police arrested them and took them to police station, where they Imran told that he has hired the girl for night.

Police arrested both man and woman along with rikshaw driver as well and put them behind bars. Later in Thothal Police station, police officials set the girl free on bail, while Imran Cast Barber resident of Chak Haryam and Rickshaw Driver named Sadiq resident of Bandkhurma, who admit that he was given 1000/ – Rs to take to girl to Islamgarh, are sent to Jail.

Police also took the Rikshaw in their custody.