Man tries to commits suicide by pill overdose-Thothal

Native of Thothal, 28 year old Shakir tries to commit suicide after taking too many pills. Reasons behind this act is yet unknown but formal police investigation has been launched.

Star crossed lover Shakir was rushed to District Hospital by his family. The doctors tried very hard to save him and after many hours hanging between life and death Shakir has been saved. He is still under the care of doctors and has been put under suicide watch. The local police too have been informed and were called to crime scene to formally run an investigation. They are now working to find details of this case and find exactly what drove Shakri to committing suicide. This was later revealed to be due to depression and love affair turned sour.

Research about suicide stats in Pakistan over recent year show sharp plumage. In fact Pakistani men are more prone to suicide then women. Findings show that men outnumber 2:1 and most of the men were under the age of 30, mostly unmarried and reasons were attributed to being unemployed, homeless, family disputes depression and other range of social pressures. (Reference from The pattern of Suicide in Pakistan – Khan Murid).

Suicide is a stigmatized topic in our Islamic society. However with changing times we find ourselves facing, more and more challenges every day. Sometimes they prove too much and drive us to suicide. We, as elders of the society must change our attitude and help our troubled, fellow beings deal with issues and problems that are overwhelming them. Local community centers should host group talks bringing people in similar walk of life together and making them realize they are not alone. This way we can try to overcome a emerging issue.