Man Stalked Woman for 18 Months, Jailed for 28 Months, to be Deported

Rohit Sharma, 28, of Empire Court, North End Road, Wembley who stalked a woman over a period of 18 months after she once served him in a shop has been jailed for a total of 29 months.

Sharma began stalking his victim, who was aged in her 20s, after she served him in a shop in Wembley on 11 November 2017. After that brief interaction, Sharma returned later that same day with his father and asked her to marry him.

He managed to obtain her phone number and bombarded with multiple messages via phone, text and social media. The victim reported Sharma to police and in February 2018 he was issued with a harassment warning. However, this did not deter him and his campaign of stalking and harassment continued.

He would phone her up to 40 times a day and use around 15 different numbers to contact her, making it near impossible to block his calls, and would also get friends and relatives to contact her on his behalf.

In July 2018, Sharma was charged with harassment but he continued to pursue his victim after being bailed from court.

The victim quit her job and moved away from the area in an attempt to get away from him. On 16 April 2019, Sharma was arrested, the Judge ordered that Sharma – an Indian national – be considered for deportation on the completion of his prison sentence.