Man Lost his hand in Meat Grinder at Surrey Halal Meat Butchers Shop in Kingston Road, New Malden

A man losing his hand in a meat grinder at the Surrey Halal Meat butchers shop on Saturday, February 11, at his shop in Kingston Road, New Malden.

The incident has left the Owner Malik Raza and his wife with sleepless nights after customer wedged inside the automatic meat grinder.

Customer who arrived at the shop, when it was closing time, Mr Malik Raza refused to serve the customer but as he left the counter and went inside cold room, for just a few minutes when he heard the customers screams outside, when he came out side and saw customers hand stuck inside grinder.

Customer who was in rush, when found owner is inside, he had come over the counter and took the mince in the cubes, and put them in the grinder to do it himself.

999 was called, the emergency services took the meat grinder away with them when they left and took the man to hospital. London Ambulance Service (LAS) and firefighters from Wimbledon fire station were called to the butchers shop who took the injured man to a hospital in south London but he lost his hand in the accident.