Man Looted 8 Lac Rupees from His Widow Sister in Mirpur and flee to KSA

Jatlan: Irfan Hussain resident of Kasjamal Jandala, looted all savings from his Widow sister and flee to Saudia Arabia. When widow sister demanded her money back instead giving her money back, Irfan Hussain filed a case against her son in Jatlan Police Station.

Irfan Hussain who works as an agent to send people to Saudi Arabia on work visa also did fraud with many other people.

Widow woman along with her son Nouman Sabar told media that his brother Irfan Hussain borrowed money from her on different occasions. Whic is about 6,80000/ Rupees. Later when i needed money and sent my son to Irfan Hussain home, who flee to Saudia Arabia and with the help of his Father in Law named Khursheed Ahmed Son of Taaj resident of Maryaal, registered a Fake FIR against my son in Jatlan Police station.

Widow woman’s son Nouman Sabar told that his Uncle Irfan Hussain also sent him to Saudia Arabia and promised for job and took heavy amount. But when i went in Saudia Arabia, i was kept jobless and finally returned home.

Victim woman, requested authorities to cancel the face FIR registered against her son and provide her justice.