Man Kneel Before ‘Crush’ Girl, 13, ‘Marry Me, I’ll Leave Wife, 3 Kids for You’ in Bradford

Akhtar Hussain of Newburn Road, Great Horton, Bradford assaulted a 13 years old girl whom he had a great crush. He asked her to marry him and in return he will leave his wife and 3 children and will live their life in Pakistan.

Akhtar Hussain Kneel Before Girl, 13, 'Marry Me and I'll Leave Wife, 3 Kids for You' in Bradford

Akhtar Hussain Kneel Before Girl, 13, ‘Marry Me and I’ll Leave Wife, 3 Kids for You’ in Bradford

Akhtar Hussain who met with vulnerable young girl in a park and then took her to his rented apartment in the centre of the city.

Akhtar Hussain called the girl his girlfriend and told her he loved her and threatened to kill himself if she did not marry him. And all this happened in just 2 weeks of time.

The incident came in to light when girl was reported missing and later during investigation she revealed the truth, she told how Akhtar Hussain took her to his bed and started assaulting her despite she stopped him.

At one point the girl asked her “we need to end this”, but Akhtar Hussain said, No, He can’t because he loves her.

Akthar Hussain came to UK from Pakistan in 1980s and still not good in English, while the girl came to UK from Poland and both had a language barrier. Judge in Court said, it must have been hard to form a genuine relationship with such a language barrier and age gap.

Akhtar Hussain was doing this to young vulnerable girl just to please him. He knew what he was doing to girl with out her consent.

He was found guilty and was jailed for 4 years and 6 months in Bradford Crown Court and was register as offender.

We need to ensure that children who have been abused by predators like Akthar Hussain feel confident to come forward, safe in the knowledge that their voices will be heard and they can receive justice.