Man Killed in Lahore-Mangla Dam relocated people victims of rouge gangs!

Yet another relocated family suffer from tyranny of rouge gangs.

When Mangla Dam site was chosen many brave Pakistani has too relocate to other areas. Haji Muhammad Bashir was one of them. He along with his family were given some land in Muridke in exchange for that he gave up Dadyal, Mirpur. Muhammad Bashir was shot to death by rouge gangs at Mangla Dam for reasons unknown. Bashir belonged to a respectable family and was the nephew of Moulvi Abdul Ghani Urf. His death shall be deeply mourned by friends and family.

Our research shows that this is not the first incident to happen. Many relocated people now settled in Punjab had been victim to the autocracies by rouge gangs including theft, murder, abduction etc. Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed and Wazeer-e-alaa Punjab Shahbaz Shareef are humbly requested to take notice and act by people of district Dadyal.

Rouge gangs follow no jurisdiction and are a menace to society. These self-interest governed group of individual resort to illegal activities to fulfill there aim. They obey no law and order in fact have been known to corrupt local courts and police by bribing them. These groups must be dismantled before they spread out and extend their tentacles to other areas ruining all governing bodies.