Man Killed Elder Brother To Marry Sister-in-Law whom he had Developed Illicit Relations

Younger brother who had developed illicit relation with his elder brother’s wife and wanted to marry her, killed his elder brother as soon he landed in Pakistan from Saudi Arabia.

The man named Aleem who used to work in a welding workshop, said that he killed his elder brother Waseem, out of fear that he might find out about their relationship.

Victim the elder brother who was working in Saudi Arabia from last 8 years to earn money for his parents and family including Aleem was shot in head as soon as he landed in Pakistan.

2 years ago Waseem came back and tied knot, after marriage he lived in Pakistan for few months and returned to Saudi Arabia for work.

Two days after he landed in Pakistan Aleem took his brother on a motorbike to a different city, while he was driving motorbike Aleem who was sitting on back of him, opened fire in his head and killed him. After the incident he buried the gun in ground.

After killing him he told people and family members that his brother was killed while resisting a robbery.

During the investigation it was revealed that Aleem had developed illicit relation with is sister in law in his absence.

He wanted to marry her sister in law and for this purpose he killed his brother, he plan was to marry her sister in law after killing his brother.

Aleem said that his brother’s wife had warned him of this relationship. She did not even know that he would kill her husband.

Aleem said that he had no plans to kill his brother and it was a sudden idea. Out of fear that his relationship with his sister in Law might be exposed.