Man jailed for raping a missing 14 year old girl in England

Bradford: a man, 25, was arrested for having physical relations with a missing 14 year old girl as Police searched for her. He was sentenced 4 years of jail and is labeled as a public danger for underage girls.

In June, Farhaad Ali got cleared of all the accusations, but then was found guilty of raping a 14 years old schoolgirl. He took the girl to his place and raped her while the girl obeyed him because she was too naïve to know what was happening to her. The girl came back home the next day and told the police that nothing had happened as she was frightened to tell the truth. But the police got suspicious and found proof against him and arrested him.
In Ali’s defense his lawyer said that Ali thought the girl was 19 as she wore make up and dressed up like a grown up. And that Ali is suffering from some mental disorder. But the judge sentenced him anyway and appreciated the victim for speaking up and telling the police and court the truth.