Sameena Akhter arrested in UK with 6 KG of Heroin parceled by her Brother’s best Friend from Mirpur

Man forgot 35 years old friendship for the sake of money; got his friend’s sister arrested in drug dealing case in UK. Man from Charhoi asked his 35 year long lasting best friend in Mirpur for a favor to send some clothes to his sister in UK and sent some heroine with the clothes as well. The package got caught at the airport and the woman got arrested whose address was written on it.

According to details, Muhammad Azeem from Bunkhurma, Mirpur and Sajid from Charhoi have been friends for the last 35 years. Muhammad Azeem who is a tailor by profession and drives a Rikshaw as well in Bankhuram, while Sajid from Charhoi have a Bar BQ Business since many years in Mirpur. Muhammad Azeem’s sister named Samina Akhtar is married and lives in UK.

On July 2015, Sajid met a man named, Raja Jamroz, from his native hometown Charhoi. Raja Jamroz claimed to make him rich within one night. Raja Jamroz asked him to help him in smuggling heroin to UK. Sajid agreed and made a Plan.

Sajid talked to his best friend Muhammad Azeem that he has contacts with some people in UK who sell Pakistani clothes in UK. Being a tailor asked for Azeem’s help. After selecting some clothes, Sajid asked to send these clothes to his sisters address in UK on a 13th July 2015.

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