Man Brutally Murdered his wife, family call for his Lifetime Imprisonment

Nadia Khan, 6 months pregnant, murdered by Tariq Khan, her husband. Nadia’s family wants him to be in jail for lifetime. The incident occurred at their home in Holker Street, Manningham. Tariq was presented in court and was found guilty.

After the hearing, Nadia’s family was relieved that Tariq admitted his crime. Her aunt said that he deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life. He should be punished twice as he killed her and their unborn child as well. Mrs. Khan, Nadia’s aunt told us that Nadia has two more kids; a 6 year old son, who is really disturbed and keeps asking for his mother. And a 4 year old daughter who talks about her mother but doesn’t exactly know what’s happening.
Tariq, 27 year old, appeared in court room and admitted his crime in front of the judge. He murdered her on Sunday, June 14 this year. And also admitted assaulting her by beating her on May 16.
Khan’s barrister, Ali Bajwa QC, said that Tariq is clear of all psychiatric issues. He would be sentenced to life imprisonment. Judge Thomas also said that he would be sentenced to life imprisonment but other aspects of the case also need to be considered.
Friends of Mrs. Khan said that she was a very cheerful, happy and bubbly person and was really excited and looking forward to the birth of her new child. And loved her children very much.