Man beats up women and police is yet to carry out justice-Domestic violence

Man beats up mother and her sister in their home using sticks and tries to forcefully take the son.

In Dadyal a woman were beaten by a man named “Riyasat” and had to be hospitalized. And has been for the past 6 days. Their families and loved ones reported to police and filed an official complaint. The police filled the application under 03.2016 and charged him with 337/A, 448/B and 337/B. The chief inspector Chaudhry Imran has declared that the criminal will not be released on bail.

The incident took place late afternoon in Chittero (or is it Chitterpari) The lady in question has separated from her husband and it was mutually decided that their child will live with father. Whether it was for the weekend or longer time we do not know as yet. On the appointed a man Riyasat came to collect the boy, but her mother wasn’t willing to hand him over as her parents were not home at the moment. Riyasat has been playing peacemaker and helped the couple agree to share their child.

Upon mother’s refusal he communicated with someone over the phone. After which he forcefully tried to take the child away. In the tussle he pushed the mother who banged her head against the wall and was severely injured. The aggressor did not stop there. He then proceeded to beat her up using a stick. The cries and yells alerted other people in the house. This turned out to be the mother’s sister who rushed to save her. Riyasat did not spare her either and beat her up too. Now the two are in hospital recovering while Riyasat still running around like a loose cannon.

We do not understand the hesitance on police’s part. They should take not brush this incident aside as just another domestic violence case but punish the assailant. Otherwise it will set an example for other violent men that aggression goes unchecked and there is no liability for their actions.