Man Arrested in UK for Smoking and “Misbehaving with air Hostess’ on PIA flight

British police on Tuesday arrested a British man of Pakistani origin for allegedly verbally abusing and misbehaving with an air hostess during a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight, travelling from Islamabad to Birmingham.

PIA sources told media a group of 5 British Pakistani men were travelling together on flight PK-791 from Islamabad to Birmingham on Tuesday. During the flight, the cabin crew found 2-3 men from the group started smoking in the lavatory, a serious violation of flight rules.

When an air hostess came forward and confronted the men over their actions and violating rules, the group began misbehaving with her and one of them hurled verbal abuse.

Air Hostess reported it to pilot and police was called upon landing in Birmingham. British police arrived, investigated and later arrested one man from the group.

Now a days its wedding season in Mirpur, Pakistan and a large number of British Pakistanis hailing from Mirpur, Kotli, Bhimber and other areas of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan are going to their back home to attend the wedding ceremonies, such incidents are reported even in local news papers about misbehavior of British People. They need to think as they are going to represent rest of British people.