Man and Woman Got arrested for Committing Adultery in Sector B4 Mirpur

Mirpur City Police Station raided at house in Mirpur sector B4, and caught pair red handed committing Adultery. Police arrested both of them and locked them behind bars.

Woman named (A) and Mansha in Mirpur City Police Custody

Woman named (A) and Mansha in Mirpur City Police Custody

According to details, City Police Station, Mirpur raided at a house in Mirpur and found woman (A) wife of Muhammad Liaquat resident of sector B4, and a man Mansha son of Muhammad Din resident of Lahore in illicit relation.

Police registered a case against both of them under Hudood Ordinances and started investigation of the case. Police was approached by political personalities to free the couple, but police ignored them and locked them behind bars.

Just last day, police arrested a business man with a young girl, from sector F3 who were committing adultery. Mostly the woman from others district or from Punjab areas are involved in running brothel houses or such illegal and unethical activities.

These people came in Mirpur thinking rich people live here and especially to get a house without rent from a British Citizen, (akn British Party), who usually construct a house in Mirpur and then left for UK.

If all these none state residents are enforced to get themselves register with concern police station and police also keep and eye on their activities then such activities can be controlled and people who will get less chances to indulged themselves in these acts which not only bring shame to themselves but their family as well.