Man, 25, Died of Electricity Current while fixing Transformer in Bhimber

In Babay Dattian Village of Bhimber a young boy died of electricity current, he was working on transformer to fix it fuse.

According to details, transformer of Babay Dattian village was not working, electricity department was called to fix it, despite the phone calls no one arrived to fix the transformer.

A young boy named Abid Hussain, 25, son of Raja Ali came forward as a volunteer to fix the fuse by himself. He climbed the electricity pole to fix fuse but he received a electricity shock and fell down from pole and died in front of village people.

A large number of people gathered around on sudden death of a young boy.

It was the duty of Electricity Department to fix the problems, a common man is not allowed to climb on pole a property of Electricity Department.

We heard so many times about the death news electricity man, who died of electric current while working on transformers of poles. When Electricity Department people are not safe themselves, then public should not deal with such cases at their own.

Rest in Peace,