Majeed address at the Press Club Islamabad on 10th anniversary of a newspaper.

Majeed defends himself at the anniversary of a renounced newspaper

PM Azad Kashmir Abdul Majeed said that Nawaz Sharif Ministers should not insult people of AK. If they wish to intimidate us into obedience then they should come and fight me man to man. In presence for such council from friends Nawaz Sharif stands in no need of enemies. This unwitting friends will ensure he has plenty of enemies in the home field.

PPP government for the past 4.5 years has been working day and night serving the people of AK. We have dealt and resolved more issues then have the governments of past 60 years altogether.

The Federal government is doing injustice by us. We need no certificate attesting to our nationalities. As part of Pakistan we not in the wrong asking for fund to develop infrastructure and other facilities. In addition the government needs to take us into confidence regarding Kashmir talks between Pakistan and India. After all it affects us directly. We still don’t know what Pakistan’s foreign policy is. Before forming trade ties with India Nawaz Sharif should focus on resolving Kashmir issue. Everyday our brothers die in cold blood on the other side.

He also congratulated chief editor Amir Mehmood along with his entire team on a job well done. Journalism is a field that reaps benefits much later in life. They are the ears, eyes, and mind of the people. They serve as means of bringing the government and the locals at one platform so that both knows what the other wants thus bridging communication gap.