M. Asif, 26, raped a girl in Germany as she Refused to become his Girlfriend

M. Asif, 26, a migrant who traveled across Europe to get to Germany has defended himself against 5 counts of sex assault by declaring “it’s hard to get a girlfriend if you are a refugee”.

Asif approached alone women in the street and told them it was his birthday. When the women rejected him he pounced, it is alleged.

Asif pulled his first victim to the ground take off her clothes and asked her to stay undressed to woman, which she endured for fear of further violence, but Asif thought it as she is willing to have S8X with him as she did not resist.

In front of the court in Berlin a refugee from Pakistan explain his actions. My name is Asif M. and I was born on 12 March 1990 in Pakistan. I Traveled to Germany two years ago via Greece and Austria. In Greece and Austria i did not commit any crimes. In Austria he had even had a girlfriend, but only for a short time. But in Germany it somehow broke out of me. It’s hard to get a girlfriend when you are a refugee and have nothing to offer.

Due to contradictory statements of the defendant, the judge no will ask questions to his victims and afterwards he might be sentenced for 3 years.