Love affairs of “Chaiwala” ( Arshad Khan ) with singer and actress Muskan Jay

The proud and dazzling Khan has been creating buzz for different reasons. Just a few days back, some pictures of him with singer and actress Muskan Jay surfaced, sparking rumours of an alleged romance between the two.

Both Arshad Khan and singer Muskan Jay are seen enjoying a cup of tea together in one picture while cosying up to each other in another. In another pictures they can be seen hugging each other.

While talking to media about his lover affair rumors, the “Chaiwala” said it is nothing but nonetheless rubbished rumours.

My pictures with Muskan Jay were actually taken during the shoot of a video on which I am collaborating with her.

I have no association with Muskan Jay other than this that we work together, nor do I plan to enter into any kind of affair with anyone. My focus is to build my career and i will always remain on my work.

I cannot afford any rumours or love affair at the beginning of my career. I have kept myself away from all such rubbish stuff as these affairs and rumors will only damage my reputation.

“Chai wala” Arshad Khan all set to leave for England for debut film project.

Original News Source: The Express Tribune