‘Lord’ Aleem Iqbal Escaped Death in Horror Car Crash on Cross Road Birmingham

‘Lord’ Aleem Iqbal escaped death, after a horror car crash, he uploaded the debris scattered across the road in Birmingham and a mangled black sports car at the side of the road.

He uploaded an video on his youtube channel and said

Those metal pole could have been through my chest and today I wouldn’t be here.

One of his fan left a comment,

You’re lucky you was in a big car, if that was a lower car like the lambo the poles would of went through the window

That’s would of been the end of my story. God really looked over me last night

An Audi hit back his car from back and the shock was so severe his belongings had been thrown from his car. He told his fans that, the driver of car who hit his car run after smashing his car.

Ater the accident he left a message on twitter.

Some news channel reported it as,

‘Lord’ Aleem Iqbal cheats death in horror Christmas car crash but soon after “Lord” Aleem Iqbal watch out these news, he left a message on in Instagram account,

Seeing as newspapers don’t know how to report accurately and always love to have a dig wherever they can there’s a video on my YouTube channel… I hate these pathetic media outlets

He left another message for an online Famous News Paper

His fans on social media, and youtube wish him good luck from escaping accident.

Nabeeha Mahmood
Allahumdullilah you are safe, May Allah be with you and keep you safe ?

Thank god you’re okay! This really shocked me, get well soon Aleem!

A good reminder to us all to always wear our seat belts. Stay safe on your travels, brother!

Video of ‘Lord’ Aleem Iqbal Escaped Death in Horror Car Crash