List of Candidates Up in LA-23 Neelum for AJK Elections 2016

Below is the detail of Candidates who are Contesting Azad Kashmir General Elections 2016 to be held on Thursday 21, July 2016, from LA-23 Neelum along with total number of registered Female, Male and Total Constituency voters in LA-23 Neelum.

Polling will held from 7 am to 6 PM in LA-23 Neelum in all polling stations. Bring you Original Nadara ID Card along with you, Passport or Driving Licence are not accepted.

You cannot bring Camera, Mobile are any device for recording or taking pictures of whom you vote on ballot paper. You are not allowed to take Pictures of ballot paper. On violation a fine and 3 months jail could be faced.

Registered Voters Male Voters Female Voters Total Voters
LA-XXIII, NEELUM –I (LA-23 Neelum) 52,479 44,105 96,584
Sr.# Name Father Name Address Symbol Party
01 Ikhlar Ur Rasool Ghulam Rasool Kundal Shahi Bat PTI
02 Shah Ghulam Qadir Ghulam Nabi Sharda Tiger PMLN
03 Abdul Waheed Ghulam Yahya Kundal Shahi Arrow PTI
04 Qazi Ghulam Sarwar Ghulam Muhai Ud Din Ath Muqam Battery Independent
05 M Altaf Shah Peer Umar Shah Sharda Fish Independent
06 Mansoor al Rahman Shamas Ul Rahman Aath Muqam Horse MC
07 Mian Muhammad Asif Mian Rahmat Khan Kiyan Sharif Turban Independent
08 Syed Naseer Kazmi Syed Hashim Ali Shah Aath Muqaam Aeroplan All Pakistan Muslim Leauge