Legal system flawed-Abdul Razzaq murder case still ongoing

75 year old Adul Razzaq was killed by his enemies over land dispute. They then seized the land. Abdul RAzzaq family filed a report in police station and then started carrying out legal matters to not only exact justice but also reclaim the land.

Abdul Razzaq was murdered on 23 December 2014 well past midnight. Upon his death the elders of the family tried to peacefully resolve the matter within the family but the daughter and son were having none of this. They decided to go through the legal route avenge the death of their father.

And so the two filed a police report who then arrested some of the guilty parties. However one of them died. And the rest managed to be released on bail. At the same time a legal case was being conducted. Rabia Razzaq put down names of 18 people who were witnesses of the incident however so far only 5 of them have been summoned to court for testifying. And this case under the advice of Chief Justice Court has been marked “Speedy Trail” 45 years later the court has announced its ruling. If this is the rate at which “speedy trails” are conducted then I don’t want to know long long “normal” cases take.

Rabia Razzaq the deceased daughter is currently a well-respected writer employed in head office of a reputed TV channel in Karachi. She and her brother together have being looking for justice in courts. After 45 years and countless rupees spent the court ruled in favor of deceased and gave the property to Abdul Razzaq. Upon hearing this the people who had illegally taken control of the property, took matters into their own hands. They beat up the immediate family and threatened them.

Rabia and her brother left their jobs in Karachi so that they could attend the court sessions in AK but for what? It seems as if law and police too are corrupt and full of false hopes just like the politicians of this country. We hope that the future hold good news for them and they avenge the murder of their father.