Legal Action should be taken against unregistered Computer Centers, Demand

Mirpur (1stSeptember2014 Bureau Report) District Administration should immediately take Legal action against unregistered institutes for Computer Courses. These institutes are robbing the public of their money and are responsible for huge losses education wise as well. A large quantity of institutes is providing unregistered Computer Courses in Mirpur and due to this policy it is severely damaging the education of the youngsters and monetary losses as well.

It is the duty of the Mirpur Administration to immediately look into this matter and take strict action against them and immediately shut them down. Moreover it is also heard, that besides being unregistered most of these institutes have very limited staff and unqualified Teachers which do not have much knowledge of Computers themselves and are only accumulating heavy fees in the name of these courses. These Institutes only provide basic information regarding computers and receive heavy fees whereas students from faraway areas of Mirpur are being robbed by such institutes.

The action against these institutes by administration will brighten the future of these youngsters and will also provide the youngsters with high quality Educational facilities with proper knowledge of Computers.