Latest News of President Donald Trump Ban Muslims of 7 countries to Enter in USA

On this Friday, President Trump signed an Executive Order banning Muslims from seven countries from entering the USA. No visas will be issued for a next 7 Muslim countries for the next 90 days.

He has banned all refugees from entering the States for four months, and barred Syrian refugees indefinitely.

This ban will include people already in the US from those listed countries. Arrests have been made in New York, including an Iraqi who acted as an interpreter for the US Army. An Iraqi husband who sold his home and travelled to the US with his wife and three children have found themselves forced to fly back to Iraq after Trump’s new proposal.

Trump’s “Muslim ban” policy has affected all many Muslims, passengers with tickets on airline have been told they will either get a refund or be able to re-book.

British airways are “offering affected customers a refund for their travel to the US, or the opportunity to rebook their flight”

80-year-old grandfather claimed was detained at Los Angeles International Airport for 9 hours under Donald Trump’s new “Muslim ban”.

Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi has revealed he is banned from travelling to America under Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’.

British Citizens holding dual passports to one of Trum’s Banned countries could also be barred from entering America.

Prime Minister Theresa May is urged to speak to the Trump in a bid to help those British who are affected by Trum’s Muslim Ban order.

Theresa May said that Donald Trump’s ban on people from Muslim countries was purely a matter for America.