Lack of effective governance let Dadyal become a drug fest

Dadyal has become hub of drugs and other illegal substances beings old in black market. Yet the police remains passive bystanders as the matter escalates.

Dadyal and its neighboring places have become an ideal spot for drug dealers to carry out their illicit activities. A specific times they how up in bazaars and other spots to meet up with clientele. The police is very much aware of these activities and who is behind them but does nothing to stop them.

Every day you come across more and more people who are addicted to drugs and are very well versed in matters how to procure them. Being addicted to drugs interferes with one’s personal and professional life. One is unable to hold a steady job or maintain a balanced relationship. Too often we hear about a man abusing wife and children while under influence. The same gentle man who would hurt a fly becomes a mountain grizzly bear that cannot be reasoned with.

Parents feel helpless in this matter and are at loss how to stop their children rolling neck deep in vice. They beseech the PM Azad Kashmir and Chief Secretary Azad Kashmir to take strict action against drug dealers who the blood of so many people on their hands. If they do not, their business will spread and once they become too powerful, there is no stopping them. It would be wiser to nip this whole matter into a bud before it blooms.