Kotli District Predicted Election Results 2016

(LA-8 Kotli – I) LA-08 KOTLI Predictive Results 2016 Elections

Malik Muhammad Nawaz Khan of Muslim Conference won 6 times consecutively and is contesting 7th time. This time PTI and Muslim conference Co Alliance and nominated him again. He is Hot Favorite.

Predicted Winner from LA-08 KOTLI is Malik Muhammad Nawaz Khan nominated by MC and PTI Alliance

LA-08 KOTLI Election Results 2011 LA-08 KOTLI Election Results 2016

(LA-9 Kotli – II) LA-09 NAKYAL Predictive Results 2016 Elections

Javaid Iqbal Budhvani of PPP won last election by 10 thousand lead. If elections held fair and free then he will win again. Other wise PMLN Candidate Farooq Sikander will win.

Predicted Winner from LA-09 NAKYAL is Javaid Iqbal Budhvani nominated candidate of PPP

LA-09 NAKYAL Election Results 2011 LA-09 NAKYAL Election Results 2016

(LA-10 Kotli – III) LA-10 SEHNSA Predictive Results 2016 Elections

Raja Naseer Ahmed Khan of PMLN is strong candidate as he is supported by Rajpoot Biradari and Sudhan Tribe. On other side PPP and PTI issued ticket to Chaduary Biardari instead of Rajpoot Biradari or Sudhan Birdari. So only Chaudhary Birdari vote will get divided.

Predicted Winner from LA-09 LA-10 SEHNSA is Raja Naseer Ahmed Khan nominated candidate of PMLN

LA-10 SEHNSA Election Results 2011 LA-10 SEHNSA Election Results 2016

(LA-11 Kotli – IV) LA-11 CHARHOI Predictive Results 2016 Elections

Situation Become tough here. Senior Minister of PPP, Ch Yasin of Jatt Biradari is contesting on PPP platform while Ch Shokat Fareed of Jaat Biradari is contesting on PTI Platform. He will get Jatt Birdari votes due to influence of Barrister Sultan Mehmood Ch. On other side Raja Iqbal Khan nominated by PMLN has also become strong. As Raja Naeem Munsaf Dad who left PMLN and announced to elect as Independent, has now joined PMLN and is now supporting Raja Iqbal PMLN. So Rajpoot Birdari vote is not divided this time.

Predicted Winner from LA-11 CHARHOI is Ch Muhammad Yasin nominated candidate of PPP

LA-11 CHARHOI Election Results 2011 LA-11 CHARHOI Election Results 2016

(LA-12 Kotli – V) LA-12 KHUIRATTA Predictive Results 2016 Elections

2011 winner is Muhammad Matloob Inqalabi Gujjar won by 10 thousand lead from Raja Nissar Ahmed Khan of PMNLN , But this time Ch Rafique Nayer “Gujjar” is also contesting elections on PTI Platform. So this time Gujjar Vote will be divided. Raja Nissar Ahmed Khan of PMNLN become strong because his vote is not divided. But Ch Rafique Nayer “Gujjar” of PTI will get his own Biradari plus Jatt Birdari Vote due to influence of Barrister Sultan Mehmood Ch.

Predicted Winner from LA-12 KHUIRATTA is Ch Rafique Nayer nominated candidate of PTI

LA-12 KHUIRATTA Election Results 2011 LA-12 KHUIRATTA Election Results 2016