Khurram Mughal, 25, stabbed to Death in Dadyal by 2 Brothers and their Father

25 year old man murdered in broad day light by father and his two sons in a minor dispute in Dadyal Subdivision of Mirpur District. They stabbed him to death and fled the scene.

According to details, 25 years old Khuraam Mughal son of Sabar Hussain resident of Khadimabad (Kanjoor) was stabbed to death by Chaudary Akram son of Shabir Hussain, Chaudary Saood son of Shabir Hussain and their father Chaudary Shabir Hussain cast Jatt, stabbed the boy oust side a snooker club in Khadimabad, Dadyal.

The fight between them was initiated after a minor dispute which started from a children fights and lured elder into it.

Akram Chaudary and Shabir Chuadary and their father dragged the boy out of snooker club and hit him with a rod and then stabbed him with knife.

The poor young man was left to die, he was taken to THQ Hospital Dadyal, where he kept crying for help but due to non availability of doctors he could not survive and died.

Murderers fled the scene, later police arrive and registered FIR, police is raiding in different areas to arrest the culprits.