Khuritta Nadra Office to be relocated

Government announces that Nadra Office in Khuritta will be relocated. Local community are outraged at this.

Muhammad Wasim Mustafai Advocate, Tahir Sharif Advocate, Zehwar Chaudhry, Waheed Azim Chaudhry, Tahir Zaman Advocate, Sajad Sahil addressed the journalist and said Khuritta for so long has been dismissed by government. The government has paid no heed to our needs. Under no circumstances we will accept that Nadra Office, the one facility we have will be taken away.

They also warned that if their peaceful protest was not taken into account they will start rallying and rallying. Any outcome or damages that may or may not be incurred as a result of their actions will be on the government. They shall not be held accountable.